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QANTA Stethoscopes are designed to help you listen to hard-to-hear sounds in the process of performing detailed auscultation and assessment on patients.


Sourcing only the Highest Quality Raw Materials

We pay immense attention to detail in order to ensure the top-notch quality of our products.

The Qanta Advantage: Unmatched Performance In Every Stethoscope

For a doctor, the stethoscope is more than a diagnostic tool; it’s their secret weapon. Each wheeze and murmur becomes a whispered clue in the patient’s medical mystery. At Qanta, we understand the importance of a reliable partner, which is one of the few reasons we are among the top stethoscope manufacturers in India. We offer a diverse orchestra of stethoscopes designed to meet the specific needs of every medical professional.

The Foundation: Crystal-Clear Acoustics For Every Note

The bedrock of Qanta stethoscopes is unparalleled acoustic performance. We meticulously select premium materials to ensure accurate and transparent sound transmission. Whether you’re a general practitioner relying on the versatility of the Lumina II SS model or a cardiologist seeking the amplified clarity of the Zen Cardio III SS, you can be confident in your ability to hear even the faintest whispers within the body.

Our stethoscopes are built to endure the daily concerto of a busy medical practice, with durable construction that withstands years of use.

Tailoring the Performance: Stethoscopes For Specialized Symphonies

Our commitment goes beyond just quality acoustics. We recognise that different specialities require different instruments. Here’s a closer look at some of our most popular stethoscopes and their unique strengths:

  • Focus

This acoustic stethoscope has a dual-headed design and features a sensitive diaphragm for exceptional sound clarity for many patients.

The Focus also boasts a comfortable Y-tube design and soft sealing ear tips for extended wear, ensuring a harmonious experience throughout your consultations.

  • Omega

Crafted with a seamless black PVC tube and a concealed stainless steel frame for durability, our Omega stethoscope is designed to be a reliable and comfortable companion for medical students, nurses, and medical professionals alike. This lightweight stethoscope features a dual head chest piece, allowing professionals to examine high and low-frequency sounds effortlessly.

  • Lumina II SS

Versatility is the hallmark of the Lumina II SS. This stethoscope seamlessly transitions between various applications, from general examination to pulmonology. Its dual-head configuration features a large bell for low-frequency sounds and a sensitive diaphragm for high-frequency auscultation.

This stethoscope delivers dependable acoustics with a comfortable fit, making it a reliable workhorse for any medical professional.

  • Paediatric Pro

Our Pediatric Pro stethoscope caters specifically to the needs of medical professionals who work with children. Featuring a dual head chest piece, this paediatric stethoscope delivers clear acoustics, allowing you to assess a child’s health accurately without causing any discomfort.

Constructed with seamless PVC tubing and a chrome-plated brass head, these stethoscopes can withstand the rigours of daily use in a pediatric setting.

Advanced Control: Stethoscopes For The Discerning Conductor

For those seeking even more nuanced control over their diagnostic experience, Qanta offers advanced stethoscopes with unique features:

  • Zen Cardio III SS

This premium stethoscope empowers you to become the conductor of your patient’s internal symphony. The tunable diaphragm and bell allow you to fine-tune the sound easily, while the adjustable diaphragm allows you to switch between high-frequency sounds.

The tunable bell provides optimal acoustic performance for adult and pediatric patients, ensuring accurate diagnoses across the board and making it the cardiologist’s choice.

  • Platina III SS

Experience unparalleled comfort and acoustic precision with Platina III SS, featuring a smokey grey metallic finish designed especially for cardiologists. Its double-leaf binaural spring ensures a perfect fit, minimising fatigue during extended consultations.

The teardrop-shaped bell maximises sound transmission for accurate diagnoses. This stethoscope is a testament to Qanta’s commitment to patient comfort and exceptional performance for the medical professional.

The Qanta Advantage: A Symphony Of Quality, Care, And Choice

At Qanta, we believe that the right stethoscope can elevate your practice. We don’t just sell instruments; we offer an extension of your diagnostic expertise. With exceptional acoustics, diverse features, and a commitment to quality, Qanta stethoscopes empower you to listen to the unique symphony of each patient’s body. Explore our range and discover the perfect instrument to join your healthcare orchestra.



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