An air bed mattress, also known as air mattress, inflatable mattress, sleeping pad or alternating pressure air mattress, are designed to reduce the pressure on painful areas of the body. The use of air mattresses is common in patients with medical conditions or those at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Patients who have bedsores due to prolonged bed rest majorly use these mattresses.

The use of air mattress is the same as other mattresses but slightly differs as these are inflatable, soft and provide pressure care relief. Air mattresses are typically made of Medical Grade PVC and are filled with air via and external pump. With the help of this pump, we can easily adjust the level of softness and firmness of the mattress. Unlike the traditional mattresses, these mattresses use air chambers to provide adaptable support and are full of air.

The use of an air mattress is not only for medical treatments and therapies but also for camping, sleepovers, or traveling. Because it is lightweight and portable, it becomes easy to carry. It is an affordable option for people seeking temporary sleeping solutions.

If a patient is confined to bed at home, it is advisable to use air mattresses instead of normal mattresses. It is advisable because air mattresses ensure proper hygiene as it avoids sweating of the patient all the time.

Difference between Air Bed and Air Mattress

Both, air bed and air mattress, are interchangeable terms but there is a small difference between them. An air bed is laid on floor, while an air mattress is laid on the hospital bed or normal bed. In terms of portability, an air mattress is easy to carry and portable while travelling. On the other hand, air beds have a sturdy structure and we can use them instead of normal beds which make them difficult to carry. In conclusion, an air bed is a broader category and an air mattress is a specific type of air bed.

Benefits of Air Mattress

  1. The design of air mattresses is unique as it distributes the patient’s weight evenly across the surface. Also, it reduces the pressure on painful areas of the body.
  2. Patients who have pressure ulcers, these mattresses help in the healing process by reducing pressure on the affected areas.
  3. Mostly all air mattresses have adjustable pressure settings to cater to individual patient needs and provide them optimal comfort and relief.
  4. People who spend extended periods in bed due to illness or have bed sores, they majorly use this because of its comfortable and supportive surface.
  5. Alternating pressure systems periodically inflate and deflate air cells, which enhances blood circulation.
  6. Air mattress reduces friction on the skin while repositioning the patient and thus reduces the risk of skin damage.
  7. These mattresses are hygienic as they come with removable and washable covers that are easy to manage. Thus the use of these mattresses in hospitals, long-term care facilities and even in home cares is a must.
  8. Air mattresses significantly improve the quality of life for patients by providing consistent pressure relief and support wherever needed.
  9. Air mattresses reduce healthcare costs by minimizing the occurrence of pressure ulcers and their associated treatments.

Please Note: Before using medical air mattress, it is important to consult with a healthcare professional.